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Hiking Bucegi Mountains

Hiking Bucegi Mountains

Hiking Bucegi Mountains – Bucegi Mountains are probably the best known mountains in Romania among tourists who love mountains, mountain hiking and winter sports.The proximity to Bucharest and the position on the E 60 European road has favoured the access and implicitly the development of tourism, more than in any other mountain area.

The fame of the Bucegi Mountains

Hiking Bucegi Mountains has contributed most to the fame of the mountains since the time of Bucharest Dumbravă at the beginning of the 20th century. The few paths that existed at that time were pastoral roads, and along them the first shelters appeared, which later became huts, the Bucegi Mountains being in the 1950s the best equipped massif from this point of view, in the entire Romanian Carpathian chain.

Hiking Bucegi MountainsTo these facilities were added the development of the slopes and the first cable transport installations in Sinaia and Bușteni, transforming the „cradle of Romanian hiking” into the busiest mountain tourism area, which attracts thousands of tourists of all ages and social categories every year.

If you’re passionate about Hiking Bucegi Mountains, there’s surely at least one ideal trail for you. Plus, you can also take your friends and family with you.

Tourism in the Bucegi Mountains

It has developed thanks to the particularly valuable natural tourism potential that has been at the basis of this development, the relief forms contributing to a large extent to the constitution of its natural heritage. The value and uniqueness of the natural elements determined the opportunity to protect the Bucegi mountain area by including it in the field of protected areas, thus establishing the Bucegi Natural Park, with an area of 32,663 ha.

The Bucegi waterfalls are tourist attractions that attract many tourists, especially since they are introduced into the tourist circuit by the arrangement and marking of tourist access paths. The most picturesque and sought after by tourists are: Urlătoarea (located at the confluence of the Urlătoarea Mare and Mică streams, at 1,055 m above sea level), Vânturiș (Izvorul Dorului Valley), Caraiman (located at 1,700 m above sea level) and Vânturiș (located at 1,700 m above sea level), Jepilor Valley), Doamnele (Doamnele stream, upper basin of the Ialomița), Devil’s Mill (Gaura stream, western slope of the Bucegi Mountains, upstream of the Gaura hut), the waterfall at the mouth of the Ialomiței (in the glacial sector of the Ialomiței), with a drop of almost 80 m.

Hiking Bucegi Mountains can be a great opportunity for you to visit this beautiful Natural Park.

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